About Us

Joshua Louder + Phoebe Lane = Australian couple, who share a love of travel.

Here’s a little insight into our lives…

Meet Josh

Hafelekar Peak looking down on Innsbruck

Curious and always willing to try new things. Born and raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney but travelled around Australia in his past life as a junior champion water skier and then a coach.

Earliest overseas travel memorySnorkeling in Fiji and coming face to face with a sea snake, luckily my dad slowly but surely swam me away from it and no I didn’t know at the time it was 20 times more venomous than those on land!

Biggest pinch yourself travel momenthiring a car and driving up a mountain range in the middle of Bulgaria in search for Buzludzha, like nothing I’ve ever seen before…more on that here!

Currently I’m… plotting where to go next…any ideas? I’m all ears!

Meet Phoebe

Tallinn, Estonia

Exploring new places, learning about other cultures and going on culinary adventures. From growing up on the Central Coast (North of Sydney) her first taste of travel consisted of holidays up to her family’s beach shack on the New South Wales north coast.

Earliest overseas travel memoryTravelling to New York via Tahiti with my family when my brother was studying in the states. I was INCREDIBLY scared of flying

Biggest pinch yourself travel momentSeeing the Colosseum for the first time, I cried. On par with seeing Tutankhamun.

Currently I’m…growing a human in my belly!

So, why Life in the Louder Lane?

You’re smart…we’ll let you figure that one out…